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Real Estate Agent Gets Spanked - Finding the right house in today's market can feel like an impossible mission. Our real estate agent, who is quite sexy, is showing a house to a potential buyer. Everything starts of usual. She shows him around the house, touches upon the highlights, trying her best to accommodate his needs. He isn't quite sold. But there is something she can do to help make his decision. He wants to have some spanking fun. Hesitant at first, but eager to sell this house, she lies across his knee. She doesn't think it will be so bad, but each slap comes down heavy. Her ass reddens instantly. He wants another tour of the kitchen. There he goes through the drawers and finds a few things he can use: wooden brush, wooden spoon, wooden paddle, cane. He brought the cane, which he uses on her ass, thighs, and the back of her legs. This real estate agent is one tough cookie. But does she walk out with the sale? You better watch.
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