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Facesitting Hazard
We've all heard of kissing ass to get a job, but here's one guy who does it literally. He's applying for a job from a BBW clad in black corset, with her hyper-generous boobs sticking out of the top. She wants her ass kissed -- literally -- and also uses that ass to smother the guy, as well as smothering him with those overflowing tits. "Do not move an inch!" she warns as she backs her ass cheeks against his face. She tells him, "You're here to please and amuse me. And you know what pleases and amuses me? To see a little bitch boy struggle." And struggle he does as she smothers him once again and he tries to gasp for air. She wraps him in plastic and straps him to a chair. Later, when he has been released, she uses him for an ashtray.