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Nina Hartley: All-Time MILF of the Year (Every Year)
In conservative clothes from the waist up and only pantyhose from the waist down, Nina is quite a sight. But then, Nina is ALWAYS quite a sight! Nina Hartley is one wild cougar who really knows how to talk dirty and get results out of the man she's with. Here she is offering her ass as a willing target for you to splat your cum onto. Or maybe, she suggests, you'd rather come between her insteps, fucking her feet till your cum bursts out and covers them. Does that sound appleaing? hmm? Nina Hartley has very big twat-lips! But her legs are what she's really trying to get you to concentrate on. Although ... when she turns around and wiggles that ass, it's hard not to get fixated on her butt. She's focused on training you how to hold off, though, and make the pleasure last and last and last.