Jerk Off Masturbation + Instruction - Jerkoff Encouragement - Nylon Fetish, Pantyhose Fetish, Stocking Fetish

Jerkoff Workout Routine
Jamie is ready to give you a stiff workout in pink tights and a white body suit. In that sexy playful voice she tells you everything you want to hear as she strips it all off. She tells you that if you're a good boy and jerk it really good for her then you'll get to enjoy the surprise she has for you next. Count Down to Cum! Your J/O Pantyhose Work Out Instructor is here to Help! "You like happy juice don't you? So let's hold it in!" Denial! Socks over Hose! "God you have such a great technique, faster, harder, I beg you to cum all over my pantyhose, cum for me baby!" Whack Off Training by Jamie!