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Fantasy Jerkoff Encouragemnet Scenario
It's time to play "imagine if" games with Julia, and today she is your fantasy wife, waiting to please you in every way. She's wrapped in that sexy black dress you bought for her and she slid on the sheer to waist pantyhose to go with it. She reminisces on the first time she ever saw your cock and her pussy begins to get wet inside her nylons. Julia is enjoying this as much as you are and it shows as she takes it all off for you. You're on the floor beneath her right where you belong now, and she spares no mercy on you here."Give it to me right now! Cum real hard right here baby! Oh god!" Acknowledgements of You Cumming for Her! What to do with her Pantyhose Instructions! Fantasy Husband Role Play! She's Waiting for You Teasing Head Games! "Keep jerking it to me! Your balls are so tight! I know you want to explode soon but hold it in for me baby!"