Learning To Smoke

We found this gorgeous babe enjoying herself on the terrace of a hotel the other week. I had my camera with me and we started to chat. When I told her I loved to film girls smoking, she said she never smoked, but she would try for me for fun. We had a great time hanging out in the sun while she tried to learn to inhale the smoke. What she wanted to do most was learn the French inhale, where smoke is drawn up from the lungs through the mouth and then sucked right back up the nose. She tried and tried, and burned through nearly all my cigarettes attempting to master it and make a good smoking fetish video for me. She was a gorgeous babe and I don't think I will ever forget her. She must have been half Asian, and she had gorgeous lips that were so plump and full when they puffed on the cigarettes. This is one of the funnest smoking fetish videos I have made in such a long time!