Busty Babe Puffs Clouds Of Smoke

Katherin is a stunning beauty taking classes at the state university in Bogota, Colombia and from time to time when she needs extra money for shopping of a night out at the clubs with her girlfriends, she will make a sexy smoking fetish video. In this video, Katherin simply relaxes and smokes, letting the camera record all of her deep drags and long exhales, all of the playful fingering she does with her cigarettes and the way she teases the cigarette with her beautiful mouth. Katherin has long, gorgeous jet black hair that falls all the way down her back. Her lips are painted a candy colored pink, and she has perfect juicy lips that look simply amazing when she lifts the cigarette to her lips to draw in a sensual lung full of smoke. She leaves smudges of her lipstick on the filter, and she knows that smoking fetish lovers get really excited about seeing that in a video. The camera gets several closeups of her mouth--her tongue licking her lips and flicking over the filter and her lips pulling back into a beautiful smile when she takes a deep drag on her cigarette.