Smoking In Profile

This is a slightly different smoking fetish video concept. Katherin is shot mostly in closeup and it is primarily filmed in profile, so the viewer gets a great closeup of the cigarette smoking from the side. It is a novel concept for shooting a smoking fetish video and it works out very interestingly. Katherin brings the cigarette to her lips and drags deeply, sucking up a lungful of smoke before exhaling an enormous cloud. Her lips are painted a candy pink color, and they are full and plump and they look amazing when the press together around the filter of the cigarette. Her pink lipgloss makes stains on the filter, and in the closeups you get a really god view of her flicking her tongue over her lips and on the end of her smoke. She shows off her love of smoking fetish by doing the French inhale, drawing smoke from her mouth into her nose, a lovely and highly erotic smoking fetish technique.