Smoking Erotica

Latina cutie Katherine is back again to make a second smoking fetish video. She has been trying to practice her smoking techniques and she has really become more apt at handling the cigarette in her fingers like a real sexy smoking fetish model. She is still learning however, to take the smoke deep into her lungs like a true real life smoker. But for now, the images of her taking a deep drag into her mouth and slowly puffing out the smoke remain very sexy in their own right. Katherine is wearing pink lip gloss today, and her lips look perfect, moist and plump as she takes the cigarette between her lips for a drag. She leaves messy smudges of her pink lip gloss on the filter, giving this smoking fetish video a little bit of a dirty edge to it. Katherine pops her tiny titties out of her bikini top and caresses her nipples while she takes drags off of her smoke and plays with the cigarette between her manicured fingers. Katherines smoking fetish video gives us a sexy look into a latina model learning how to become super sexy toying with her cigarette.