Solo Smoking Fetish Video

Katherine is a another Latina who is dying to launch her modeling career. She has had a few gigs, but she hopes that making a smoking fetish video will get her noticed by people that can set her up with all kinds of glamorous jobs. If she can show the camera she can be sultry and alluring smoking this sexy cigarette, she might have a shot. Katherine is posing for the video in a skimpy bikini, and she smiles nervously while lighting her first cigarette. She is not a smoker in real life, but she is trying hard to inhale the smoke and puff it out in the most sexy way she can. She's afraid to inhale too deeply and cough, but any smoking fetish fan would forgive her because she's trying to make a good effort. Katherine tries to play it up as sexy as she can, removing her top and playing with her titties as she exhales clouds of smoke across her nipples. The camera takes a closeup of her face when she smokes and she's got really full, plump lips and she's wearing pretty pink lip gloss that looks very sexy when she draws the cigarette to her lips and draws a lung full of smoke. Katherines first smoking fetish video shows a lot of promise and hopefully with practice she will become a much more apt in the art of smoking erotica.