Topless With Her Menthol

This is another video featuring fan favourite Deliciuss making another amateur smoking fetish tape for us. This wannabe pop star has been in love with the camera since she was a teenager, and she takes every opportunity to act cute and sexy for the camera. She takes a menthol Kool out of her pack and lights it up and draws the cool fresh smoke into her lungs. She is wearing pretty pink lip gloss and she has a big smile on her face. Her enthusiasm makes it so much fun to shoot this video, and every time she puts the cigarette to her plump, moist lips to take a drag off her cigarette, she flashes a big bright smile. This video shows a lot of closeups Deliciuss holding the cigarette in her hand, and she has just gotten a fresh manicure, so there is a lot of really sexy cigarette toying and fingerwork that will drive smoking fetish fans wild. Deliciuss is getting totally aroused by the sexy smoking erotica modeling, and she pulls down to caress her perfect caramel colored breasts. She has stunning round breasts and she rubs her nipples with her cigarette while exhaling clouds of smoke across her full titties. Deliciuss has made another arousing amateur smoking fetish video with so many sexy drags of her menthol cigarettes and playing with her smoke and her gorgeous bouncing titties.