Girl-Girl Smoking Erotica

Diana and Laura are two stunning Colombian smoking fetish models who are teaming up to make an amazingly hot smoking erotica video. They meet up in a beautiful tropical garden and they hug and kiss each other before each lighting a cigarette. They take long drags and exhale , and they each suck on the others cigarette too. Laura exhales her smoke into Dianas mouth and Diana does the same to Laura. They are both getting so horny making this smoking fetish video that they are taking their tops of and playing with each others breasts, caressing their nipples and puffing hot sexy smoke across their naked chests. The camera spends a lot of time taking close ups of their faces while they smoke, and Diana and Laura love to smile, and they are both wearing bright lipstick that smudges off on the filters of their cigarettes. These lovely Latina ladies kiss deeply and pass their cigarette smoke from lung to lung in a way that is soft and sensual and heartbreaking to a smoking fetish fan.