Smoke Loving Latina Bares Breasts

Laura is a real lover of the high she gets from smoking, and she finds it powerfully erotic as well. She loves making erotic videos for smoking fetish fans on the internet, and she usually gets so turned on she cannot help but touch herself and sometimes go even further. This video features Laura taking a casual cigarette break outside, but once she sees the camera is rolling, she starts vamping it up, taking deep sensual drags from her cigarette and doing her best sensual exhales of clouds of sexy smoke. She licks her lips and sucks on the cigarette filter; her pink-painted lips leave a dirty smudge on the paper, and she is inhaling the smoke french style up her nose. She starts rubbing her breasts and exposing her nipples for the camera. Smoking is so sensual and erotic for Laura, whenever she smokes she starts to feel overcome by passion. No wonder it is so habit forming.