Marisela Smokes In Public

Marisela is the fantasy girl next door. She is very pretty and has gorgeous caramel skin. She wears her hair in care free curls and her ever-present smile is warm and infectious. She is the girl who is always having fun, and her vice is that she loves to smoke. Her parents tried to forbid her from smoking, so she has to come out to places like this playground to a cigarette. Marisel is very chatty with the camera in this smoking fetish video, and she takes her time smoking a couple of her long cigarettes. She takes deep drags, and she exhales through her mouth and through her nose. Sometimes she exhales the smoke directly at the camera and sometimes she turns her head so she gives a great shot of exhaling her sexy smoke in profile. Her manicured fingers play with her cigarette in a tantalizing, toying way. She is not clumsy, but treating the cigarette like an erotic object. Mariselas cigarette smoke in the park is a simple and compelling work of smoking erotica that her many fans will enjoy.